Zicam has renewed Abby’s TV and social-media spots for another year! Keep an eye out for that famous orange background and her magic laser finger this cold and flu season.

FALL 2021

Abby spent multiple days in the booth recording new voice-over material for Zicam! In recent months, Abby has been upping her VO game, so this was a great opportunity to practice some zinc-themed tongue twisters. (delicious lozenge delicious lozenge delicious lozenge...)

Abby has been spotted in the Food & Wine Thanksgiving Issue drinking Riunite! Be sure to check it out when you’re waiting in the check-out line with your holiday groceries.


Abby had a great time cheering for unnamed college football teams in a special series of Sling TV commercials staring ESPN’s Rece Davis. Abby was exceptionally proud of her tailgating posters ("I just hope everyone does their best”) and for managing football small talk with a professional commentator. (Always helps to pull the Detroit Lions sympathy card!)

Abby’s Bowflex commercial has been renewed! She’s thrilled to keep cycling her way through your TV in the coming months.


Abby recently spent a day shooting both film and print for Riunite wine - yes, the stuff from the '70s. Thankfully, the brand is still very much around, and produced a series of short videos with friends and family “reuniting” (get it??) over a glass of wine. Let’s all raise a glass to vaccines and the continued return of in-person shoots!


Abby recently did a print shoot for Cartier. Yes, she IS extremely fancy, and yes, she DID get to wear some gorgeous jewelry. The photos are for Cartier's internal campaign, so sadly, you can’t view her best “corporate “ pose in person, but trust her when she says her ability to run pretend board meetings is unparalleled.

Abby also spent a few days at JFK filming stock footage for Delta Airlines! Due to COVID-19, many companies need to re-do all of their online and in person images to reflect current safety standards, and Abby was happy to mask up and pretend to get out of NYC. They took both video and photos, so keep an eye out for a certain redhead crushing social distance protocols next time you fly!

FALL 2020

Zicam called again! Abby was happy to follow up her 2019-20 spot with a new round of advertising for cold and flu season! She’s featured in both the 2020-21 broadcast spot and social media spots. Again directed by Phil Silvestri, this year she swapped facepaint for a cool blue laser finger (once you see the spot, you’ll understand.) Check back soon to see the new spots on her commercial page!


New York is -slowly- beginning to -carefully- reopen, and commercial filming has begun to bounce back. Abby was lucky enough to book a spot (from the comfort of her own apartment) for the fitness company Bowflex. Sporty may not be the first adjective you’d use to describe Abby, but trust me, the sweat you see on screen is *mostly* real. It was thrilling to be back on (a socially distanced) set, doing what she loves… which in this case required riding a stationary bike for four hours straight. Print shots were also taken, so keep an eye out for Abby astride her trusty steed*! Check back soon to see the extremely athletic final product.


In case you missed it, the world changed a bit this spring. Needless to say, Abby’s summer work and other job opportunities have been on hold since March. During her time in quarantine, Abby has learned Latin, written two drafts of her novel, become a certified French mime, and perfected sourdough bread. Just kidding. But she HAS reread all of the Harry Potter novels, painted a few pieces of furniture, and upped her “soft pants” game. And she and her husband adopted a kitten! His name is Dr. Anthony Meowci, and he was rescued from a junkyard in the Bronx. Needless to say, he’s Jellicle AF and is now her primary reason for living.


Abby booked a PSA spot for the new 97% Foundation, which aims to reduce gun violence through meaningful government legislation. Abby is proud to be a part of anything aimed toward finding solutions to the terrible gun-control crisis in this country, and had a pleasure working with director Christopher McLallen. Check back soon to see the final product!

Abby traveled to the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, Florida in late December for one of her favorite theatre experiences to date, and first crack at a title role! The cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie was incredible, and was well received by both critics AND Abby’s family. “I knew you were good, but I didn’t know you were THAT good.” -Abby’s father. High praise! You can check out production photos and (other) glowing reviews under Abby’s theatre page.

Abby filmed a series of how-to videos for Zicam nasal swabs. Want to know how to properly use Zicam products? Head on over to, where you can find informative videos of Abby sticking stuff up her nose.

FALL 2019

Abby booked a dream role - Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, Florida! She is beyond excited to head back down to Florida and work with director Jimmy Brennan on this fun, zany show.

Abby followed up her Disney success with a spot for Zicam - turns out the fake-sneezing she’s been perfecting since middle school has finally paid off! The Zicam commercial was directed by Phil Silvestri and can be found on broadcast TV throughout cold and flu season. Zicam also took still photography, so keep an eye out for a certain redhead in your favorite print media.

Abby traveled to Orlando for a week of filming at Disney Springs. Cast as the Incredible’s Mom (ish) as part of a new series of Disney movie-inspired ads, her newfound “Elasti-girl” skills unfortunately didn’t protect her from the insanity of a week of night shoots. The Disney commercial was directed by Viktor Horváth and the team at Kinopravda.

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