Photo: Angel Udelhoven


Riverside Theatre – Vero Beach, FL
Directed & Choreographed by Jimmy Brennan

"Area residents are in for a wonderful romp with the lively Abby Church playing the adorable “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” Church makes this show a great celebration of the roaring ‘20s….[she] beautifully delivers the sweet Millie demeanor and vocals with fully loaded firepower. Her interpretation of this character is spot on and she demonstrates a scope of limitless talent.”
– Planet Vero

"Abby Church is a wonder as Millie. Bright-faced and cheerful, she is a singing and dancing joy, while at the same time bringing the romance and comedic touches.”
– Pam Harbaugh, Vero News

Photo: Samuel Flint


Virgina Stage Company – Norfolk, VA
Directed by Tom Quaintance
Choreographed by Billy Bustamante

"Broadway veteran Abby Church created an angelic character in Miss Honey. Miss Honey’s character was expressed all the more thanks to Ms. Church’s voice. Her strong belt blended seamlessly thru a mix and into a crystal clear upper register. Ms. Church’s portrayal leaves you wishing everyone could have a teacher like Miss Honey in their life.”
– Olivia Bada, Williamsburg Families

Photo: Scott J. Kimmins


Human Race Theatre – Dayton, OH
Directed by John Simpkins

"The cast gives a stellar performance, [with] female lead Abby Church as comedic heroine Zelayna…Church perfectly captures the look and feel of an online gaming avatar and expertly handles the many stage combat scenes throughout the show.”
– Amy Dallis, Dayton Local

"Abby Church, perky and personable, engagingly captures the extremely specific vernacular and physicality of the Legendale universe as comical milkmaid-turned-fierce warrior Zelayna, Andy’s avatar and girl-power sidekick.”
– Russell Florence, Jr., Dayton Most Metro

"Abby Church is electric as Zelayna/The Cow Maiden. She plays her role with earnestness and force.”
– Liz Eichler, League of Cincinnatti Theatres

Photo: Curtis Brown Photography


North Carolina Theatre – Raleigh, NC
Directed & Choreographed by Jimmy Brennan

"Church, a veteran of Broadway, and national and international tours, sings into the rafters during her solo, “On the Steps of the Palace,” filling the theater with her soprano, and becomes as close to real as can be possible for Cinderella-from-the-ashes.”
– Dawn Reno Langley, Triangle Arts & Entertainment

"Not to mention that almost everyone else in the ensemble cast gets their own opportunity to shine, [including] Abby Church as the earnest maiden, Cinderella.”
– Jeffrey Kare,

Photo: Benjamin Hager


Riverside Theatre – Vero Beach, FL
Directed by Jimmy Brennan
Choreographed by Deanna Dys

"Ms. Church’s rendition of 'Someone to Watch Over Me' was moving. Her portrayal of Polly throughout the show was funny, delightful, joyful, and touching.”
– Neda Heeter, Planet Vero

"Abby Church, as Bobby’s love interest Polly Baker, combined sass and sweetness in her flawless portrayal of the gritty Southwestern gal who would be softened by love. Her wistful 'But Not for Me' finds a happy-ever-after ending with Bobby.”
– Barbara Yoresh, Vero Beach Newsweekly

"As the lovelorn Polly, Church’s effortless rendition of 'Someone to Watch Over Me' had the audience swaying in time. I could almost feel the memories dancing in their collective heads.”
– Ginny Beagan, Indian River Press Journal

Photo: The Little Theatre on the Square


The Little Theatre on the Square – Sullivan, IL
Directed by Jesse Sharp
Choreographed by Corey John Hafner

"Plopped center stage in their tawdry aluminum lawn chairs are Betty (Heather J. Beck), Pickles (Abby Church), and Linoleum (Sarah Philabaum). They serve as guides through the story and provide some of the best trio harmonies you will ever hear.”
– Ellen Ferrera, News Progress

Photo: Michael DeCristofaro


John W. Engeman Theatre – Northport, NY
Directed by Drew Humphrey
Choreographed by Dena DiGiacinto

"Every single person in this large cast deserves commendation on their performances. Loaded with triple threats, the accuracy, ability and pure talent of these performers will blow you away. Beautiful voices, incredible dancing and true believable emotion come from every angle. Some of the most memorable moments include… the lovely singing of Abby Church as Maggie.”
– Kristen Weyer, NY Theatre Guide

Photo: Riverside Theatre


Riverside Theatre – Vero Beach, FL
Directed & Choreographed by DJ Salisbury

"The cast is comprised of six players who travel through time [including] Abby Church as Eileen….Together they provide the talent and energy of a full Broadway cast. Non-stop dancing, singing, and costume changes keep the audience entertained from prologue to finale...The cast’s voices were superb, and between their energy and the melodies that likely have found their way into your bones – it’s no wonder the singing is contagious…[their] dance steps are anything but light and playful, deserving a round of applause on their own.”
– Angela Smith, Indian River Press Journal

"…The singer’s strong voices allowed each cast member to use their voice talents as well as acting skills appropriate to the mood intended to be conveyed by the Irving Berlin songs. The cast was also able to show their comic attributes with a couple of intermittent interludes throughout the show…. Directed by DJ Salisbury, I Love a Piano stars Cynthia Ferrer as Sadie, Abby Church as Eileen, Anthony Christian Daniel as Jim, Jessica Lee Patty as Ginger, Richard Vida as Alex and Benjie Randall as George. All are very talented entertainers who would receive a warm welcome if they decide to return to Vero Beach.”
– Pat Lavins,

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